Washington D.C. Here We Come!

A group of 6th grade students from Briarfield Academy in Lake Providence, Louisiana will travel to our nation's capitol, Washington D.C. on May 6th, 2009. They will be accompanied by their teacher and several chaperones. They are very excited to travel to the capitol city after following the election process during the school year. We hope you enjoy learning about their experience in the months leading up to their trip and on the trip itself.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Museums and Memorials - Day Two

Hello to all our blog watchers. We have really enjoyed all of your comments so please let us know that you are reading. Mrs. Tisha read the posts to everyone today, one at a time, and it was like the show Survivor where everyone gets to hear from their loved ones. I wanted to straighten out one misconception, Mrs. Stephanie is the master photographer here, not Mrs. Amy. She is doing a great job documenting our trip and there are many more photos that you haven't seen. I handed blog duty over last night after I was hit with a terrible migraine and spent supper time over a trashcan in McDonalds. The good news is that Laurie, Logan V., Chase, and myself took a taxi ride to the hotel and witnessed the presidential motorcade leaving the White House. The cab driver said it was the president because it was followed by an ambulance. Today was a better day though and here is our fascinating account of the day. Today started great with a ride on the subway. The highlight of our subway ride occurred at the end when Mr. Andy apprehended a young man that had just stolen an ipod from another man leaving the subway. Mr. Andy told the young man to give the ipod back and he did. As we exited the subway, we told the police and they were able to catch the young man and the other people that he had with him. The police came and found Mr. Andy and took him to the police station to get a statement from him. The "victim" had disappeared. Laurie turned the incident into a learning experience for the group. The group will tell you that they have learned a lot about life in the city on this trip including negative and positive uses of our right to freedom of speech. We learned that just because someone utilized their right to freedom of speech doesn't mean you have to listen! Our first museum this morning was the Museum of Natural History. Everyone wanted to see the T-Rex (Rexie) of Night at the Museum fame. We found him along with lots of stuffed animals, sea creatures, and prehistoric animals. Before we left the museum, the females, Mr. Andy, and Ben took a peek at the Hope Diamond which was declared to be "gorgeous". By this time it was time for lunch and a food court in the Reagan building filled our bellies. The Museum of American History was next on the list where we saw fun things such as Old locomotives, early automobiles and buses, the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, Kermit the frog himself, an entire exhibit on Abraham Lincoln including his hat, The original Star Spangled Banner, and much more. Mrs. Stephanie broke a rule and took a picture of the Star Spangled Banner. It wasn't her fault that she missed the tiny sign that said not to when she entered the room. You get to benefit from her naughtiness! We took an ice cream break and walked to the Washington Monument where Adam gave his speech from his research. Some of the boys played an impromptu game on the lawn before we moved on to the Holocaust Museum. We did not have as much time here as we would have liked, but we spent an hour in the museum and I think that everyone was able to get the general idea of why we were there and what we were learning. Some were impacted more than others, but all will remember what they learned. Deuteronomy 4:9 is quoted at the end "Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them." I believe they will. We then walked over to the WWII memorial at the foot of the reflecting pool at the Mall. I was amazed at the knowledge these kids had of the details of the WWII, the Korean, and the Vietnam War. Mrs. Tisha did a great job preparing them for this trip and they have learned things that my own children can not tell you having left high school. Mrs. Tisha would ask them questions and someone would give a report at each memorial spot. It was amazing!! After leaving the WWII memorial, we walked down the reflecting pool toward Lincoln Memorial. To the right of Lincoln Memorial is the Korean War memorial. The statues of men walking through the field is haunting. There are 19 figures that reflect 19 images in the granite wall beside it. This totals 38 which represents the 38th parallel also known as the line of demarcation. From there we walked up the gazillion steps to the Lincoln Memorial. The kids had a great time trying to find all of the misspelled words engraved on the wall. We took a little break on the steps before walking back down. We then went to the Vietnam Memorial Wall. By the time got there, exhaustion had set in, our stomachs were growling, and we had the choice of walking a mile back to our hotel or walking a mile to the subway station where we would ride the subway back and walk another 1/4 mile to our hotel. We took the straight shot home where we ate a great meal in an Italian restaurant in the hotel. The arcade in the hotel was full with our students until 11 p.m. At this point in the trip, Mrs. Tisha's rule of NO SUGAR or CAFFEINE after 6 p.m. and bedtime at 10 p.m. has completely flown out the window, BUT every kid has hit the pillow hard when the lights turn out. Granted it is 11:54 and our lights are still on, but I told you that I was not going to be blogging in the bathroom!! So, I hope you have enjoyed this post. We are sleeping in a little tomorrow and have hired a charter bus at the last minute to drive us around tomorrow because we can't walk another step!!! Don't worry, the price didn't go up! Watch for another blog post tomorrow.


  1. I want to express my appreciation for this learning experience for my niece and her classmates. Courtney I hope you are having as good a time as it looks like on these pictures. Aunt Jayme is very happy and proud for you. Your Grandpa Teague and your Uncle Mike both fought in the Vietnam War. My thoughts and prayers are with the class as you continue this wonderful trip. Can not wait to hear all about it. Thanks for this site and the updates.
    Courtneys Aunt Jayme and Uncle Mike.

  2. Brandy Teague5/09/2009

    What amazing pictures and the stories behind them. Thanks to all the chaperones and most of all Tisha, for taking the time out to do such a wonderful thing for our children. I love you all..... have fun and be safe..... as always... cant wait for the next update.... Can't wait to see all of you tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous5/09/2009

    We cannot wait each morning to see all of the new pictures posted. Our children have truly learned an incredible amount of knowledge, thanks to you, Mrs. Tisha! And, you have allowed them to see things that many of us will never get to experience. Thank you! And, we love seeing our kids having such a great, FUN time. I appreciate all of the adults accompanying this class on their trip. Anyway, have a great day today -- good idea on the charter bus -- we can't wait to see everyone tomorrow. We love you so, Tay-Tay!! Love, Mom

  4. Larry Jr., Carol, and Kody Vickery5/09/2009

    Logan hope you are having a good time. We love and miss you so much. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Love ya!!!! Daddy, Momma, and Ko-Ko

    And to the class, we hope you all are having a good time and enjoying this wonderful experience. We pray for your safe trip home tomorrow. God Bless!!!!! The Vickery's

  5. Anonymous5/09/2009

    Hello LP travelers! What an awesome experience for you all! It has been great to follow your journey and relive for me again the joy of seeing our beautiful nation's capital.It is a blessing to be an American! Have a great day today...Hopefully your feet won't be as tired tonight! Sing "God Bless America" for me before you leave! Have a safe trip home! Love and prayers, Mrs. Olivia Condrey

  6. Jamie and Becky Webb5/09/2009

    The pictures are great, thanks alot for keeping us posted Amy and Stephanie. Have a safe trip home. We love you Tyler. Daddy and Becky

  7. Doug and Audrey Webb5/09/2009

    Tyler and the 6th Grade children, sponsors and chaperones. Thank you so much for the blog pictures. We all are so happy for you all for this opportunity and for what you will see and be able to add to what you already know about Washington. Thanks again for keeping us abreast of your trip, take in all and we will see you tommorrow. Love you all Nanny and Papaw Webb

  8. Once again Mimi and Poppy Reis are so happy for all of you and the wonderful experiences you are having while in DC. This will always be an experience to remember. We look forward each morning to read the happenings of the pervious day. Thanks for the all of the pictures and info. Hope you continue to have an enjoyable time.

    Andy, we knew you would find a way to make the "front pages"!!! Way to go!