Washington D.C. Here We Come!

A group of 6th grade students from Briarfield Academy in Lake Providence, Louisiana will travel to our nation's capitol, Washington D.C. on May 6th, 2009. They will be accompanied by their teacher and several chaperones. They are very excited to travel to the capitol city after following the election process during the school year. We hope you enjoy learning about their experience in the months leading up to their trip and on the trip itself.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Leavin on a Jet Plane...

The first leg of our journey is now complete and we have finally arrived at our destination, Washington D.C. At last count, we were 16 students and 8 adults, and 23 bags. Mrs. Amy wins the prize for the adult with the smallest suitcase! It has been a very exciting start to a wonderful trip. Upon arrival at the airport, we checked in our 23 suitcases and found a comfortable spot to hang out with the parents who brought us before we entered security. Everyone was briefed on security procedure and we walked through security without incident. The airplane was waiting for us when we arrived so we knew that the yucky weather would not delay us. Gotta luv Southwest Airlines!! There were a few tears as fears were resolved and everyone entered the airplane and found a seat together. Many of our students have never flown before so taking off was very exciting. There were squeals and cheers as we went up into the air. As chaperones, we were concerned that those around us would be disturbed, but we actually had an older couple tell us at the end of the flight that we had extremely well behaved students. Go Mrs. Tisha!!! There was some turbulence at the end of the flight and I think a few students left with white knuckles, but all had smiles on while exiting the plane. The baggage claim turned out to be a challenge when only 22 of our 23 bags were retrieved. Adam's little bag appeared to be stuck with some other baggage and it took awhile to get the machine operational again. Then we were off in our three big vans to the hotel. The hotel is HUGE and very exciting. There is a waterfall with Koi fish in it's pond and a big self revolving door. Both are fascinating to this group. We had pizza delivered to the hotel so we could all eat together before going up to our rooms. Our rooms are spacious, but with 6 people, we do wish we had two bathrooms. Thank God for Lysol! Tomorrow is an early day starting with a visit with Senator David Vitter.


  1. Brandy Teague5/07/2009

    I'm am so HAPPY ya'll made it!!!! Can't wait to check back later... Thanks Amy for keeping us parents back home updated!!! They all look so excited!!!!!

  2. Hey guys
    hope you all are having fun
    we miss yall a lot and are
    praying for you every day
    take lots of pictures
    oh and have yall found out how bad
    your southern accent is yet :)
    luv ya logan
    kody says hurry home
    have fun to all

  3. Amy Braswell5/07/2009

    I am glad ya'll made it safely. Hope you have a great time. Looking at the pics, it looks as if you are having a great time already. Thanks Amy for keeping us posted. It makes us feel so much better.

  4. Larry Vickery Jr.5/07/2009

    Glad ya'll made it safely. Hope everything is going well and everyone is having fun and learning alot.
    Logan, have fun and be carefull with your ankle. Love ya son.

  5. Miss Sara Beth5/07/2009

    What a good lookin' group! You look so germ free with those stylin' masks! Keep the pictures and stories coming. Hey to everyone, but esp. my Tay-Tay! Auntee is proud of you!

  6. April Ware5/07/2009

    Hey, glad you made it. Wish I could be there with you. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Love ya! Ape

  7. Anonymous5/07/2009

    It looks like everyone is having a great time! This is so great being able to log on and see everyone -- thank you Amy. But, back here in L.P., the Howard family is missing their Tay-Tay terribly. Kade and Scotty say "Hey!" Be careful and be sweet. We love you so -- Mom and Dad


    We hope everyone is having fun. We miss you Tyler we can't wait until you get back home. HUGS AND KISSES FROM LOGAN AND LANDON

  9. Madison Styron5/07/2009

    that looks scary lol